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“A comprehensive notational sheet for Carnatic music?...Vinayakam has come up with the sound-breaking gamaka box that could revolutionise the understanding and learning of Carnatic music. ”

Chitra Swaminathan, “Music, out of the box” in The Hindu, May 22, 2014

“What was remarkable was that the protagonist never once attempted to sing or even signalled anything, but the gamaka-box on its own was able to orient the students and teachers towards their goal of singing half-notes, understanding the kaarvai depiction, begin and end zaaru as desired and even contemplate brigas to a certain extent...The audience was more than convinced by the explanation offered of this theory and responded instantly through their ‘chorus-singing’ as the gamakas came up on the white board. The openness and camaraderie with which they united was heart-warming.

S. Sivakumar, “Perfect oscillations” in The Hindu, December 5, 2013

“‘Isn't it a bit unfair,’ starts off Ramesh Vinayakam, ‘that Western music is able to pen down every note on paper while Carnatic music can't?’...That question sparked off a train of thought in the composer's mind, which now seems to have unlocked one of classical music's greatest mysteries — the gamaka. ”

“Ramesh Vinayakam unlocks the gamaka” in The Times of India, June 11, 2011