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  Ramesh at MA  
Ramesh Vinayakam at the Madras Music Academy

Music Temple Academy will be offering a new curriculum for in-depth training in Carnatic music, both for Indian and foreign students. The core Carnatic pedagogical material has been transcribed to compare the performance styles of a number of contrasting bani in unprecedented notational detail and clarity. This includes the Gana Amritha Bhodani (beginning exercises), Gitams and Swarajatis including Bilahari, Malahari, Kalyani and Kamboji, and Varnams, including Mohana, Kalyani, Kamboji, Abhogi and Saveri etc. among numerous other compositions. Some exercises and compositions have been especially transcribed by Ramesh Vinayakam to facilitate a gradually increasing access to the intricacies of gamakam for the student.

The Breakthrough
Alongside the work of documentation, we are pioneering a cohesive music theory for Raga qualities. Through Gamaka Box, we've acquired cataloguing and analyzing techniques possible through Gamaka Box's graphic modeling of the perception of melodic movement. With the various playing styles of different performers represented in transcription, a comprehensive picture of the structure of South Indian music is emerging. With the advent of this knowledge, the universal appreciation of Carnatic music's highly evolved melodic logic will become even more preeminant. Gamaka Box is suited to become the foundation for a global music theory which covers all forms of monophonic composition, and whose organization, based more around the subtlties of vocal inflection and melodic nuance, are outside the ken of traditional Western music theory.

International exchange
Our goal is to enhance music education globally. Music Temple Academy is inviting distinguished musicians and ensembles from all over the world, like Professor Sebastian Gramss of Cologne University, the Kammerensemble Neue Musik from Berlin, London violinist Alice Barron and San Francisco guitarist Matt Bacon, to enjoy and utilize the new access to Carnatic music's “DNA” which Gamaka Box affords, so as to widely disseminate a greater appreciation of the art form and promote musical exchange. The new innovative engagement that Gamaka Box helps sponsor with these musicians and their students at institutions abroad promulgates Carnatic music to whole new audiences. And it is also creating a new network of musicians internationally, who, focused on collaborating with Carnatic musicians in Chennai, are expanding their ways of thinking about music in the world. Music Temple Academy will use its international network as a basis to launch, and grow the curriculum.

Publications (forthcoming)

Limited edition release:
"Gamaka Box: Easy Classical Gamakam (ECG) of Indian Music", Ramesh Vinayakam, ed.
Includes core transcriptions from the curriculum from numerous artists, articles, testamonials and editorial

Jeremy Woodruff, "Why a Detailed Notation for Carnatic Music? The Creation of Gamaka Box: Interviews with Ramesh Vinayakam"

Jeremy Woodruff, "Sri Gananatha, the first Gitam: A comparative sound analysis"

The custom designed Gamaka Box font collection