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Globalizing Carnatic music through Gamaka Box, the music notation system by Ramesh Vinayakam
Gamaka Box opens the doors to a music that has been out-of-bounds for musicians in the West. The very basic ingredient known as a gamaka has never been completely understood, and neither, therefore, has the raga system of music generally been possible to grasp for a performer outside the tradition...until now:

Music Temple Academy is a group of musicians, teachers and scholars dedicated to music education, performance and theory through Gamaka Box. Gamaka Box is the first notation system in history to accurately and effectively capture the detailed melodic nuances of Indian music for practical use. We are making great strides by systematically transcribing, cataloguing and analyzing gamakas in classical music.

Towards the preservation and renewal of Carnatic music
The Gamaka Box system functions as a powerful aid to aural training and memorization in Carnatic music (not a replacement to the traditional approach). In Vinayakam's presentation at the Madras Music Academy, musicians successfully imitated the styles of musicians from other bani besides their own, only by reading by sight. In his presentation at the Kalakshetra musicians sang gamakas back exactly while reading them from the blackboard. Gamaka Box is destined to instill a new technical awareness and flexibility in Carnatic musicians who make it a part of their artistic practice.

  Dr N Ramanathan and R Vinayakam  
  Ramesh Vinayakam with Dr. N Ramanathan at the Kalakshetra, Professor of Music Emeritus at Madras University

The goal of accurately notating South Indian music is not new, having been a part of Carnatic thought since the time of the Trinity. The Carnatic interest in Notation however, began to accelerate in the late 19th century. Subbarama Dikshitar already made an attempt to create a more detailed notation for gamakas in 1904, in the Sangita Sampradaya Pradarshini, using a set of symbols akin to the Western notation for ornamental trills. Many other great musicians such as Vidya Shankar, T. Viswanathan, Lalgudi Jayaraman, Ranga Ramanuja Iyyangar, Karikkudi Subramaniam, Dr. Mallikarjuna Sharma have all followed suit since then, using detailed notation systems in the common belief that a truer picture of Carnatic music can be a vital part of the tradition. Now, Music Temple Academy records the music for all posterity through precise and fully practicable notation.

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